Glow Watch Co. Reinvents World Time


Glow Watch Co. introduces a revolutionary GMT worldtimer that’s redefining timezone tracking.

Pacific, Missouri, July 25, 2023 ( – Glow Watch Co, a trailblazing watch brand pushing the boundaries of horology, proudly unveils the GMT, remastered. The worldtimer was invented in 1931 by Louis Cottier who was commissioned by Patek Philippe and Vacheron Constantin, a watch complication that shows the time everywhere on earth, achieved in various ways since its inception, most brands strive for their own version. A recent notable example is IWC (International Watch Company) purchasing world time intellectual property from watch brand Vogard in 2014.

An homage to greatness, Glow is currently showcased as a tribute to the Rolex GMT Master II to display what’s possible with a GMT watch, with more unique brand signature case styles currently in the works. Inspired by ancient cosmology, solar time and astronomical clocks that show the entire solar system using the geocentric model, the GMT hand acts as the sun over earth, going over your location on the map around noon. Rotate 12 to a city and the GMT hand points to the time for that location on the bezel.

Glow might just be the simplest worldtimer in terms of least moving parts and practicality from a navigational standpoint. The city names align to each location on the map, some companies don’t do this, leaving you lost on direction. To use as a compass, set your watch to local time, point the hour hand at the sun and the GMT hand faces north, unless you’re south of the equator it faces south. This depiction of earth is known as a northern polar projection map, with north at the center and south around the outside.

Accuracy: Powered by a Seiko NH-34 self winding automatic movement, chosen for its low beat rate. Taking cues from the natural world, small animals usually have faster heart rates and animals with a faster heart rate tend to have a lower lifespan. Where accuracy may slightly be affected, longevity is uncompromised.

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About Glow Watch Co.: Glow Watch Co. is redefining how individuals track time across different time zones. “We’re serving a subtle reminder to enjoy life free from the mesmerizing glow of our screens that shackle us into a virtual world of existence,” said Robert Glowczwski, Owner at Glow Watch Co. “The world is hours.”